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Why It’s Best to Trust a Pro with Your Skincare Needs


In our can-do society, there’s been a surge in “do-it-yourself” attitudes toward just about everything, including skincare. With beauty megastores on every street corner and everyone having at least a few friends selling multi-level marketing beauty products, more and more people feel empowered to bypass expert advice on skincare and piecemeal their own beauty regimen.

Experts Are Experts for a Reason

Just because online reviews are great for a certain night cream or your best friend raves about a serum, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your skin’s unique needs. Certified skincare professionals have received the education and training necessary to understand all the nuances of different types of skin and how to safely and effectively treat skin concerns.

The Chemistry Is Complicated

Skincare experts are trained in the best ways to combine products and treatments into a regimen that produces optimal results without negative interactions or side effects. Assembling your own regimen without consulting an expert could keep you from bringing out the best in your skin and potentially do more harm than good.

People with multiple skin concerns, such as acne combined with aging skin, should seek expert advice to devise a comprehensive plan that addresses all their needs while carefully avoiding anything that could cause damage to your skin.

Leave Lasers to the Pros

A DIY trend growing in popularity is at-home laser hair removal. This method of hair removal is attractive to people with unwanted hair who wish to save money on professional visits. However, keep in mind that lasers are not to be taken lightly. DIY laser hair removal is at best ineffective and at worst, unsafe to your skin. Visit a professional for the best long-lasting hair removal treatments.

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Why It's Best to Trust a Pro with Your Skincare Needs
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Why It's Best to Trust a Pro with Your Skincare Needs
Should something as important as skincare be left to the amateur? The team at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas explains why skincare should be left to the pros.
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