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What’s a BOTOX® ‘Lip Flip’ & Do You Need One?

BOTOX for your lips. Close up of woman with pink lipstick smiling.Many women desire the youthful appearance of full lips. While there are dermal fillers that can plump up the lips for up to a year, they aren’t the answer for everyone.

If you want the appearance of fuller lips but you’re just not sure about taking the leap to lip fillers, then the BOTOX® lip flip could be right for you.

BOTOX for the Lips?

Botulinum toxin type A, or BOTOX, is an injectable chemical commonly used to treat the signs of aging by temporarily “freezing” the muscles. Used regularly to treat signs of aging, such as frown lines, you can also use it around the lips.

When injected into the lip area, BOTOX can help minimize creases around the mouth, elevate the corners of the mouth and reduce marionette lines. In addition, BOTOX can help enhance the upper bow of the lip with the BOTOX lip flip.

Traditional BOTOX injections can help to reduce many signs of facial aging, while the lip flip can help your lips appear fuller and more youthful with a quick and easy injection.

What is BOTOX Lip Flip?

The BOTOX lip flip is a procedure designed to enhance the appearance of your lips and make them appear larger and fuller. To do this, providers inject a small amount of BOTOX into the upper middle part of your upper lip. By relaxing the muscles in this area, the lips should curl upward, creating a lengthening appearance while also making them appear fuller without the addition of any real volume.

Since only a small amount of BOTOX gets injected, the results only last for a couple of months. While this is much shorter than the results from a dermal filler, the BOTOX lip flip is a great way to see how changes to your lips can give you the results you desire.

If you are interested in learning how a BOTOX lip flip can give you your desired results, contact Wellskin Med Spa online for more information. While we are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be answering online communications during this time.


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What’s a BOTOX® ‘Lip Flip’ & Do You Need One?
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What’s a BOTOX® ‘Lip Flip’ & Do You Need One?
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