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What Makes Clear + Brilliant Different?


Laser resurfacing is often praised for its effective treatment of a variety of skincare concerns. Yet, under the larger category of laser skin rejuvenation comes a long enough list of different options to baffle even the most savvy of med spa clientele. As one of the popular newcomers on the laser rejuvenation scene comes Clear + Brilliant. What sets this laser treatment apart?

Baby Fraxel®, Big Results

The Clear + Brilliant solution is sometimes nicknamed “baby Fraxel®” because of the Fraxel®-equivalent results that are possible, yet that come combined with less downtime. Like Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant is a gentle fractionated laser that can be used to heal sun-damaged skin, correct irregular pigmentation and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clear + Brilliant can also help minimize pores and boost collagen production for a smoother, more radiant skin tone and texture.

Although there are many ways laser rejuvenation can help your skin, the idea of an uncomfortable recovery period can understandably present a concern. Clear + Brilliant alleviates this worry because the treatment is so gentle that you shouldn’t feel anything more serious than a mild sunburned sensation for a day or two after treatment.

If you feel hesitant about committing to laser resurfacing, you might want to consider the alternative of Clear + Brilliant laser rejuvenation instead. By undergoing several minimally corrective sessions instead of one more intensive laser resurfacing treatment, you can enjoy all the beauty-enhancing benefits of laser resurfacing without having to worry about needing any real recovery time.   

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What Sets Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatments Apart?
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What Sets Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatments Apart?
Thinking about Clear + Brilliant laser rejuvenation? Wellskin Med Spa explains what makes Clear + Brilliant different from other laser skin treatments.
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