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The 3 Smartest Target Spots for BOTOX


Given the popularity of BOTOX® these days, it’s easy to think of these injectable treatments as a cure-all for any lines or wrinkles that have got you down. In reality, there are three particular target spots where BOTOX® can make all the difference.

1. Crow’s Feet

These pesky wrinkles are formed by the muscles at the outside edges of our eyes when we smile and squint. Over time, they get deeper and deeper, and can be one of the earliest hallmarks of increasing age.

BOTOX® injections block the release of the neurotransmitter that causes these tiny muscles to contract, temporarily paralyzing them. In response, the muscles and overlying skin relax, and wrinkles release. Regular BOTOX® touch-ups can eliminate existing crow’s feet, and help slow or even prevent the formation of new ones. 

2. Frown Lines

Sometimes called the “11” wrinkles, the two vertical lines that form between a person’s eyebrows are often associated with a worried or concerned expression, and are best known as the frown lines. The frown lines are commonly considered one of the best areas to get BOTOX®.

Some well-aimed BOTOX® can smooth away these deep dynamic wrinkles for a more cheerful appearance. Although the results of your own BOTOX® session may vary, always remember to visit a highly skilled and experienced injector for the best possible results. 

3. Forehead Wrinkles

Horizontal forehead wrinkles are often associated with a questioning expression, especially when seen along with raised eyebrows. Through the years, these repeated facial expressions can make forehead wrinkles become more pronounced. When BOTOX® is used to target these horizontal lines, the result is an untroubled, younger-looking brow. 

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The 3 Smartest Target Spots for BOTOX Cosmetic
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The 3 Smartest Target Spots for BOTOX Cosmetic
Wondering where BOTOX is most effective? The staff at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas offers three particular target spots where BOTOX makes a big difference.
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