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Facials to Help Your Skin Recover from Winter Weather


Winter weather can do a number on our skin, leaving us as dreary and tired-looking as the days are short and cold. To bring your skin back to its sun-kissed perfection from warmer temperatures, WellSkin Med Spa offers a variety of facial treatments that can get your skin rejuvenated just in time for spring.

https://wellskinmedspa.com/services/facial-treatments have the ability to give you results you may not have even realized were possible to restore your winter-weathered face with noticeable improvements in a single appointment.


This treatment can polish your skin in a completely noninvasive way. A stream of microscopic crystals gently penetrates your skin’s surface to uncover unblemished skin through an exfoliation and suctioning process. Microdermabrasion can diminish the appearance of acne, sun spots, and even fine lines with no downtime.

Chemical Peels

Offered in a variety of strengths for your customized needs, chemical peels can work to reduce the look of fine lines and help to soften the appearance of pesky crow’s feet. With the level of strengths available, some chemical peels may require a lengthier downtime to reveal skin that is revived and refreshed once the treated skin peels away.


Dermaplaning involves the use of a scalpel to carefully remove soft vellus hair and dead skin cells from the face that will leave your complexion smooth and glowing even in those winter months. Dermaplaning can be combined with any facial treatment to boost your beauty and restore your face with the magic of resurfacing.

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Facials to Help Your Skin Recover from Winter Weather
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Facials to Help Your Skin Recover from Winter Weather
Can facials bring your skin back to life by spring? The team at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas list facial options to rejuvenate your winter-weary complexion.
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