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Comparing 3 Top Laser Skin Rejuvenation Options


Over the years, cosmetic laser technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. With so many cutting edge technologies available, you may be struggling to figure out which type of laser treatment would best fulfill your expectations. Three of the leading options and their ideal candidates are reviewed here:

1. Sciton BBL Photofacial

Broadband light therapy, also known as BBL, is a type of photofacial that uses pulses of light to penetrate the surface layers of the skin, causing the constriction of blood vessels and collagen. Sciton BBL uses this technology to effectively treat skin discoloration that can arise from sun damage or aging. Photofacials are the right choice for you if you’re trying to achieve more consistent tone and color while avoiding more involved laser therapies.

2. Clear + Brilliant®

Clear + Brilliant® is a type of fractional laser designed with the comfort of patients in mind. Fractional lasers charge your skin in a regularly produced grid in order to eliminate portions of the most superficial layer of your skin without undergoing a full peel. This exposes the more intact lower layers of skin and stimulates collagen production. Clear + Brilliant® is a great choice to address lines, wrinkles and blemishes early on in their appearance.

3. Halo by Sciton

Halo by Sciton is another type of fractional laser popularly used in skin rejuvenation to treat discoloration, sun-damage and wrinkles. When it comes to more visible and prominent signs of aging, Halo may provide more substantial benefits to your skin and complexion and can be tailored to your individual needs each session.

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Comparing 3 Top Laser Skin Rejuvenation Options
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Comparing 3 Top Laser Skin Rejuvenation Options
The aestheticians at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas help you sort through the plethora of laser skin treatments to find the best available options for you.
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