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Are You Too Young for BOTOX?


When BOTOX® first took the world by storm in 2002, men and women in their 40s were the demographic most commonly opting for treatment. Over the years, the injectable has grown in popularity and the demographics of users have expanded substantially to include increasingly younger individuals. A storm of controversy ensued and the question at the center of it all is, “How young is too young?”

What It Does and How It Works

®, understanding how it works may help to clear up some confusion. Whether you’re laughing, smiling or frowning, any and all facial expressions are created by muscle contractions in the face. Over time, as these muscles contract over and over again, fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop on the skin that covers these muscles. BOTOX® temporarily paralyzes those muscles, therefore preventing the subsequent creasing of the skin. Not only does BOTOX® prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles that have already formed, leaving behind smoother, younger-looking skin.

Preventative or Corrective?

In the years since BOTOX® was introduced, there has been an evolution in the school of thought on how best to use the product. Many argue that its purpose should be viewed as preventative versus corrective, and many in their twenties and thirties started using BOTOX® under the premise that it’s better to prevent wrinkles from forming than to fight to erase them once they’re already there. From a legal standpoint, BOTOX® is FDA-approved for treating wrinkles in anyone over the age of 18. However, deciding when to get BOTOX® is a personal decision and one that should be made under the care and guidance of a certified, experienced professional.

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Can You Be Too Young for BOTOX Cosmetic Treatments?
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Can You Be Too Young for BOTOX Cosmetic Treatments?
Should BOTOX be used to prevent or correct wrinkles? The team at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas provides helpful information on the best age for BOTOX.
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