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3 Ways Laser Rejuvenation Can Help Your Skin


At WellSkin, we offer two cutting-edge cosmetic laser treatments, each of which offers unique benefits. Here are three ways our advanced laser and light technology can significantly improve the appearance of your skin and turn back the hands of time.

1. Improve Skin Tone and Texture

Clear + Brilliant uses microscopic bursts of laser energy to transform and renew the skin by stimulating the body’s natural healing response. As the laser creates micro-injuries in the skin, your body instinctually responds by creating new collagen to heal and nurture the area. Higher levels of collagen lead to firmer, more radiant looking skin with improved tone and texture that’s reminiscent of how your skin looked in younger years.

2. Repair Hyperpigmentation Caused by Sun Damage

If you weren’t diligent about protecting yourself from the sun in your younger years, you may have hyperpigmentation as a result. This unevenness can make skin look older and unhealthy, but laser skin rejuvenation can help. Our Sciton BBL Photofacial laser uses intense pulsed light to address skin aging due to sun exposure and damage. By increasing collagen production, eliminating blood vessels that cause redness and reducing excess melanin that creates dark spots, BBL effectively evens out discoloration and pigmentation problems to create a smoother complexion and skin tone.

3. Promote Natural Collagen Production

Collagen levels in the skin naturally decline with age, robbing the skin of youthful firmness, fullness and brightness. Laser rejuvenation is a wonderful anti-aging tool because it directly counteracts this natural aging process and delivers long-term results. With so many types of laser rejuvenation available, there’s one that can beautifully improve your skin and address your unique concerns.

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3 Ways that Laser Rejuvenation Can Help Your Skin
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3 Ways that Laser Rejuvenation Can Help Your Skin
Wondering what laser treatments can do for you? Wellskin Med Spa in Dallas explains three ways that laser rejuvenation can drastically help your skin.
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