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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Count on Wellskin Med Spa to provide leading beauty treatments to help your skin look its best. Please contact us online today or call 214-373-3223 to schedule your appointment and learn more about our full range of skincare options.

KYBELLA® Double Chin Treatment

KYBELLA offers a completely non-surgical way to firm up and slim your neck and the area beneath your jaw line. Medically known as “submental fullness,” a double chin can be caused by weight fluctuations, age, or genetics. Before KYBELLA, this area needed to be treated surgically as part of a facelift to create a more defined jaw line.

KYBELLA treatments involve small injections into the area of fat beneath the chin. The injected solution dissolves targeted fat cells, which are removed through your body’s natural cleansing process. Each treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, and you can carry on with your day’s usual activities after your appointment. We find that most patients need between 2 to 6 treatments to see the results they want. This completely non-surgical treatment is comfortable, with only minor side effects such as temporary bruising or swelling below the chin expected.

Acne Treatments

Active acne breakouts can be treated using enzymes and steam to soften the skin, making extractions easier and more effective. Depending on the severity of the breakouts, we also may recommend chemical exfoliation (a chemical peel) to further improve your skin texture.


We offer several different facials that can be performed to renew your skin. Each facial is tailored to your specific needs. Our facials are designed to be both rejuvenating and to help improve the quality and tone of your skin.

Skin Resurfacing

We provide several treatment options to refresh and smooth out the appearance of your skin.


Microdermabrasion can reduce the appearance of small wrinkles, sun damage, acne, age spots, and even raised scars. It exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface layers. During the treatment, microscopic crystals are used to target these dead and damaged surface skin cells. A vacuum system then removes the crystals and skin cells. The amount of exfoliation is controlled by increasing or decreasing the suction from the vacuum system. Many patients see noticeable results after a single treatment, though a series of microdermabrasion treatments may be best for optimal rejuvenation.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are used for reducing fine lines, crow’s feet, age spots, and acne scars. We offer several strengths of peels customized for your unique skin needs. Before the treatment, your skin is cleansed with a special solution and a topical numbing cream is applied if necessary. The peeling agent is applied, allowed to work, and then gently washed off. We apply moisturizer immediately after your treatment to encourage healing and revive your skin. Lighter peels involve less downtime, while more extensive peels may cause several days of redness before the skin begins to peel.


We also offer dermaplaning, which removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, and can leave your skin feeling substantially smoother. During the treatment, a scalpel is gently moved across the skin, taking with it surface layers of skin as well as unwanted facial hair. This treatment can be a good alternative to chemical peels for women who are pregnant or nursing, and can be the best option for people with excess, unwanted hair.

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