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Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant

At Wellskin Medical Spa, we offer advanced laser technology that addresses early signs of aging on your skin, such as fine lines, enlarged pores, and rough skin texture. Clear + Brilliant, from the makers of Fraxel®, renews your skin from within and can even help to prevent future signs of aging.

Please contact us online today or call 214-373-3223 to schedule a consultation. Clear + Brilliant can offer an effective alternative to skin resurfacing treatments, and can be combined with other treatments for comprehensive rejuvenation of your skin. Wellskin Medical Spa has helped men and women from the greater Dallas area and throughout Texas feel and look their best with a number of skincare treatments.

Are You a Candidate?

Clear + Brilliant may be a good choice for women and men who want to:

  • Address signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, poor complexion, and blemishes
  • Prevent or minimize the appearance of these and other signs of aging
  • Maintain youthful, healthy looking skin on their face and body

We have treated people of all ages and skin types with Clear + Brilliant. We can develop a personalized treatment plan for you after reviewing all of your skin concerns.

About the Treatment

The Clear + Brilliant device administers laser energy, creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin. This “fractional” approach to laser rejuvenation activates the body’s healing response to create younger looking skin.

A package of treatments is needed to achieve visibly younger and healthier looking skin, with many of our patients seeing the best results after 4 to 6 treatments. Treatments usually take 1 hour or less, though treatment time will vary based on the size of the treatment area and the amount of correction needed.

We apply a topical anesthetic ointment before each Clear + Brilliant treatment and are committed to making all of our treatments comfortable. Clear + Brilliant is designed to minimize the side effects that may be associated with other laser treatments. Some people may have redness and subtle inflammation in the treated area for a few hours or even a day after the treatment. If you are concerned about comfort and recovery, we can talk with you more during your consultation.

After each treatment, some results should be seen quickly while others will develop over time. Within a few days, your skin should feel softer and look brighter, with a more even tone. This effect continues as rejuvenated skin layers are revealed over time.


Women and men who choose Clear + Brilliant treatments can enjoy softer skin with improved tone, texture and radiance. Results can last for months depending on how old you are, the initial quality/tone of your skin, and how diligent you are about protecting your skin from future sun damage, environmental elements and other factors that can contribute to an aged appearance.

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