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Is a Diet Change What Your Skin Care Routine Needs?

Have you tried all the drug store creams, retinol treatments and serums only to be unsatisfied with your results? Have you ever considered that what you eat every day could play a vital role in your skin condition? The truth is it can, and, with a few dietary changes, you

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What Wrinkles? Your Injectable Options [Infographic]

What’s a BOTOX® ‘Lip Flip’ & Do You Need One?

Many women desire the youthful appearance of full lips. While there are dermal fillers that can plump up the lips for up to a year, they aren’t the answer for everyone. If you want the appearance of fuller lips but you’re just not sure about taking the leap to lip

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What’s a Good Age to Start Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

When most people think about laser skin treatments and rejuvenation, they think about a skin treatment designed to combat the signs of aging. Thus, they think laser treatments are for those over 40 or 50. While laser treatments are great for targeting the signs of aging, they can also be

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Non-Surgical Skin Care Options For Sun Damage [Infographic]

You Might Not Get a Spring Break, But Your Skin Wants One

With the winter dryness coming to an end, this is the perfect time for a spring break for your skin. Regular facial washing and moisturizing are essential parts of a good daily skincare routine, but this spring is the perfect time to pamper your skin and give it the boost

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Does Your Skin Need “Power Couple” Combination Treatments?

When it comes to reducing the signs of aging, minimizing acne scars, or improving skin texture and tone, med spa treatments offer a variety of different options. For example, BOTOX® targets dynamic wrinkles, such as frown lines, while dermal fillers work to reduce the appearance of static wrinkles and replace

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What You Need To Know About Botox® From Your 20s to Your 60s [Infographic]

3 Little Treatments to Look Extra Fine for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day approaches, women want to look their best for a romantic evening with their loved one. This often means a new dress or a hip new hairstyle. But this year, why not treat yourself to a med spa treatment that can have you looking confident and beautiful just

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‘Tis the Season for Anti-Aging Skin Care

Between shopping, visiting family and friends and attending holiday parties, your holiday season may be crammed full. But this is the best time to give yourself a holiday treat and get a med spa treatment for your aging skin. Everyone wants to look their best during the holidays, and these

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