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How to Plan Injectables to Look Cute Not Awkward at Holiday Parties

Thinking about sprucing up your look with injectables for the holiday season? Before rushing right in, here’s what you need to know to plan your treatment just right and really wow the crowd at this year’s big holiday events. Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room Injectable treatments like BOTOX® and dermal

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3 Ways to Make Up with Your Skin after a Fling with the Summer Sun

  Spending some serious time with the sun is a lot like getting back together with your ex—you know you shouldn’t, but it can be so darn tempting. If you overindulged in the sun this summer, your skin might be a little angry. Luckily, you can make up to it

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4 Cosmetic Treatments to Pamper Your Skin after a Summer in the Sun [Infographic]

3 Med Spa Treatments to Smooth Away Wrinkles on Your Face

Is your bathroom countertop covered with wrinkle creams, masks or even homemade DIY concoctions that just flat out don’t make a difference? If you’re tired of not seeing the results you’d hoped for with other options, you might be the perfect candidate for thesemed spa wrinkle treatments that actually work.*

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4 Laser Skin Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Face

There are so many factors that can affect the tone and texture of our skin, like sun exposure, pregnancy, acne scarring and the natural aging process. Luckily, there are also several different laser treatment options to help rejuvenate your skin and achieve the smoother, brighter and more even look and

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6 Reasons Why BOTOX Is the Most Popular Med Spa Treatment [Infographic]

Laser Skin Resurfacing or a Chemical Peel: Which Is Best?

If you’re bothered by uneven skin tone, blemishes or signs of premature aging, you may be considering a cosmetic procedure such as laser skin resurfacing or a chemical peel. The question is, how do you know which one to choose? Both extremely popularfacial treatments, it’s important to understand the benefits

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Why Not Give Yourself the Gift of Injectable Fillers?

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Whether you’re an organized type who’s been fully stocked up with lovingly-wrapped gifts since September, or a last-minute rusher who prefers to do all your shopping in one fell swoop on Christmas Eve, there’s one person you shouldn’t leave off your list: yourself. Rather than

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3 Cosmetic Treatment Combos That Go Together Like Pumpkin & Spice

Tis the season to be jolly, generous and surrounded by pumpkin spice flavored… well, everything. And what comes after pumpkin spice season? Jingle bells and New Year’s kisses, of course! As the holidays loom ever closer, maybe it’s time to think about some cosmetic treatments that might suit you as

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Why BOTOX® Is for Millennials, Not Just Baby Boomers

BOTOX® has been around for quite some time and, unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you’re sure to have heard of its potential for temporarily treating fine lines and wrinkles. Given this, it’s not surprising that the main demographic of BOTOX users tend to be in their 40s and

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