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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Aging Decolletage? 3 Delicate Treatments for a Delicate Subject

We get so used to talking about treatments for our faces that we often forget what’s right below. Our necks and upper chest areas don’t always get the treatment they deserve, and yet the décolletage has some of our bodies’ most delicate and sensitive skin. If you’re concerned about signs

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Are You Too Young for BOTOX?

When BOTOX® first took the world by storm in 2002, men and women in their 40s were the demographic most commonly opting for treatment. Over the years, the injectable has grown in popularity and the demographics of users have expanded substantially to include increasingly younger individuals. A storm of controversy

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How IPL Can Heal Sun-Damaged Skin

Looking for a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment to smooth weathered skin and help erase sun damage along with the signs of aging? A photofacial may be the perfect answer. Using light to heal the skin and refresh its appearance can be a quick, safe and easy way to improve your

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